Core Program

Our core program is open to people of all abilities and caters for a range of conditions including: intellectual disability, autism, Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, visual and hearing impairments, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, cerebral palsy, and acquired brain injuries.  Using therapeutic horticulture principles, we provide opportunities for experiential learning and positive personal development.  Participants work alongside our highly qualified multidisciplinary team of staff and volunteers, developing confidence and resilience while working towards their personal goals.  Although strongly embedded in our garden environment, our program offers a diverse range of developmental opportunities.  Individual support and focused skill development are also available.

Community Groups (Weekly Visits)

Open to disability providers, schools, and aged care services, our group program provides opportunities for meaningful community engagement and positive social experiences.  Groups can actively participate in gardening or simply take in the peaceful environment and friendly atmosphere while enjoying a cup of tea or a coffee from Peppertree Place Café.  Groups are supervised by staff from their service provider with KHG staff available to assist with initial planning of activities and navigation of the centre.  Volunteer support is available on request.

Community Groups (Special Visits)

Small groups of all ages and abilities are welcome to experience Peppertree Place for themselves.  KHG staff provide a short tour and an optional garden or craft activity after which participants are invited to relax in the garden with a cup of tea or a coffee from Peppertree Place Café.

Therapeutic Services

We offer counselling, occupational therapy and speech pathology services.  These are available to NDIS participants and the general public.

Peppertree Place Café

The Peppertree Place Café is a wonderful social enterprise café embedded in the Coburg community.  Providing vocational training and support for the long-term unemployed and young people with a disability, it connects participants with local employers and creates a beautiful meeting place for the community.  Entering mainstream employment can present a substantial challenge, and the support created through the Peppertree Place Café and its patrons can change lives.  The Peppertree Place Café is open Tuesday to Saturday 8.30am to 2pm.

Volunteer Program

The volunteer program provides opportunities for members of the community to support service delivery and to contribute to the maintenance and development of Peppertree Place.  People volunteer for all kinds of reasons.  Some people may seek fulfilment from the rewarding experience of assisting vulnerable people, and others may simply want to be a part of the Peppertree Place community.  Opportunities for volunteering meet mutual obligation requirements.

Grow Well

Therapeutic horticulture has been shown to be an extremely effective method for working with people who have experienced trauma.  Through our Grow Well program, children who have experienced trauma can work closely with our highly qualified team engaging in sensory experiences to assist in self-regulation, communication and resilience.

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